Modelia Days NAKANOBU

DesignerRyuichi Sasaki+Rieko Okumura
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

The building sits in a lively shopping lane in Nakanobu, Tokyo. The arrangement of the openings on the fa├žade, concentrated at the bottom and spread gradually up, is there to give a floating feel and to reduce massiveness of the concrete. Interior is composed solely of exposed concrete and plain white walls in simplest possible details. Planning as well as design aims thorough simplicity: a set of modest independent walls replaces a closet; one tap serves cooking and handwashing. These propose minimal form of a collective dwelling, life unreliant on products, richness of not having. The few elements left, on the other hand, are designed to stimulate new ideas for habitation. Simplicity when resolute, gives out a new flexibility. Every single opening is square-shaped. Square is the purest form of an opening. Steel window frames cast varying shadows to add a non-uniform expression on the facade.

About Designer

The International Design Awards (IDA) Awards 2016, GOLD Winner, Interior, Conceptual Category Ryuichi Sasaki (Principal, SASAKI ARCHITECTURE) 1970 Born in Tokyo, Japan 1989-1994 Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA, Bachelor of Architecture 1994-1995 Columbia University, NYC, USA, Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design 1994-1995 Asymptote Architecture, NYC, USA 1996-2004 Kumesekkei Co.,Ltd, Tokyo, Japan 2001-Present Phiframe, Co-Principal 2004-Present SASAKI ARCHITECTURE, Principal 2014-Present S.A.A.O, Co-Principal Rieko Okumura (Principal, Atelier O) 1977 Born in Osaka, Japan 2000 Tsuda College, Bachelor Degree 2009 Musashino Art University, Bachelor Degree 2014 Establish of Atelier O 2014-Present S.A.A.O, Co-Principal Visiting Instructor for Musashino Art University