Social Due Diligience

DesignerWan Chun Hsieh
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Used data visualization to show that the social and environmental impact of companies is important to think about when deciding where to invest or how to analyze a company.

About Designer

Grace is a New York-based Visual and User Experience Designer interested in exploring the intersection of interaction, health, tech, sustainability. Bringing together skills such as digital design, data analysis and visualization, human-centered design, and communications strategy to optimize people's life and community. Grace completed her MFA in Design for Social Innovation from School of Visual Arts, where she focused her thesis, FishWish, on sustainable seafood and customer behavioral change. Through her thesis, she has experimented different ways of influencing customers’ eating habits while preserving the ocean. She'd worked on various projects with prestigious organizations like Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, United Nations Development Programme, and UNWomen. She was also an Art Director at a startup company, 5xRuby, which is a Ruby/Rails technical consulting and training firm and had been contributed her creativity and design skills to different companies and organizations for 5 years. She received a BA in Painting and Calligraphy Arts with a minor in Graphic Communication Arts from the National Taiwan University of Arts. After graduated and passed the certificate of International Project Manager Association: Level D, she worked on public sector projects with CSR-Taiwan Summit Brand Marketing and served as a supervisor and event coordinator for projects like the Chiayi City International Band Festival and Taiwan Cultural Traveling to empower city and community development through arts and festivals.