Nippon Connection 2016 Festival Design

Lead DesignerIl-Ho Jung
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Announcements
Entry Description

Inspired by Japanese Joge-es – japanese upside-down pictures of bizarre figures, resembling gods, monsters and historical novel figures – an own rendition of Joge-es were created. They turn into different figures when turned upside down. The idea of the upside-down image was also applied to the typography. Depending on how you look at the design, you read the information in either German or Japanese. If you place the design side by side, a seamless pattern emerges, which can be expanded infinitely. Only with one design you have two posters with two different languages ​​and an endless pattern.

That surprising moment when you change the perspective and see a new image shall encourage the viewer to discover Japan and the Japanese film at the Nippon Connection in an entirely new and different way. Furthermore movies always offer a different perspective to the audience by presenting a new and surprising view of the world.


Il-Ho Jung is a multidisciplinary Designer and Design Director based in Berlin.

With passion for design, he has developed a broad knowledge of many different disciplines and is always eager to learn more with each new project. He considers every work individually and creates strong concepts from the right design. He is convinced that design should be experimental without losing its focus and that the joy for design shouldn’t be missed out.