T-Mobile Chicago Signature Store

CompanyFRCH Design Worldwide
ClientRobyn Novak
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

T-Mobile’s Signature Stores are all about creating a new relationship within the traditional carrier set. No longer wanting to be seen as a traditional carrier, the brand wanted to challenge a consumer’s expectations of an experience in a telecommunications store and Chicago brings that message to life. The space delivers the brand’s unwavering, "uncarrier" attitude, integrating interactive technology that connects their global footprint, with virtual reality experiences to other stores and around the world. The result unapologetically exudes the spirit of the “uncarrier” philosophy and rebellious attitude across all touchpoints. Embracing the theme of scale and bold architecture, the brand wanted to utilize all 9,500sf to bring the Chicago vibe to life with an urban feel created by bold graphics and digital content, vaulted, loft ceiling and modern, club-like lighting. We wanted to create drama and allow the space to easily transform from an individual experience to a participatory group event.