Literis Lux

DesignerEckhard Beger
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Literis Lux by Eckhard Beger for ArteNemus is a family of bookshelves designed to accommodate books with a large variety of sizes (from 20cm to 60cm) as well as magazines and larges drawings (in the highest and lowest compartments). The shelves and dividers follow a stair shaped graphic pattern with a central focus. The contemporary appearance of Literis Lux is underlined by the satinated stainless steel structure and the smoked glass panels. When combining 2 or 3 units the ornamental pattern is continued and emphasised. Dimensions: W x D x H = 165/124/94 x 35 x 202cm

About Designer

Eckhard Beger, contemporary art furniture designer from Geneva, Switzerland, has gained international recognition for his designs, which emphasize conception, aesthetics and wood art craftsmanship. Since 2012, his creations have been awarded more than 20 international design prizes and his work has appeared in exhibitions in Milan at the Museo Poldi Pezzoli as well as at Venice Design 2016 in the context of the Architecture Biennale and at Venice Design 2017 in the context of the Art Biennale. Eckhard Beger is the founder of ArteNemus Contemporary Art Furniture.