C Chair

Lead DesignerNabil Innab
Prize(s)2nd Place in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
Entry Description

Subjecting wood to proper heating and steaming can partially break down the bond between the Nanotubes in the wood, which allow them to slide against each other, if adequate pressure is used to reshape wood against the suitable forms or molds, then kept to cool down and dry the wooden piece will permanently hold the intended shape.
The chair structure is basically three elements, the arch running front to back along the centerline of the chair supported by the frame which comprises the legs and a cross element and the back support which by it self is supported on the arch. The arched leg and the back support being of curved form can be produced using the technique described earlier. The geometry was selected giving significant flexibility, which more comfort. A key feature of the chair design is the mechanical connection of the armrest with front legs and the back supports.


Suliman, Principal Architect, interior designer, and creative director - a design lover. Successful talented creative director with extensive experience in design methodologies, Award–winning furniture designer. A’ Design Award – Winner for Lighting TriFlex 2016. Participated in different local and international exhibitions. Milan Design Week 2015, Design Junction London 2015, Nabad Amman 2015, Design Junction New York 2016, Amman Design Week 2016.

Nabil, Civil engineer by trade with a masters degree in steel structure. Always Been fascinated by all structural forms in nature. Very creative designer involved in design projects from mega structures to the smallest mechanisms and gadgets. His knowledge of structures, the since childhood love of wood works and the deep knowledge of wood behavior and techniques optioned through the exposure to different cultures and manufacturing methodologies by his travels all over the world, Makes the change in his career path toward the design and build of wood objects (structures) a perfect fit.