TEDA Administrative Approval Service Center

DesignerGuosheng Zhang, Honggao Zhao, Guoliang Lv, Song Chen, Shuo Wang, Yao Liu
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

TEDA government recently investigated an alternative approach, "Gov. 3.0 Service Design" to reorient the process to be more people-centered. The TEDA Administrative Approval Service Center integrates government officials, citizens, policy experts and service designers collaborate through the group to design an convenient document approval service platform. It integrates information & consultancy, approval & public services, administration & coordination, and complaints & supervision. It is responsible for around 230 approval items such as the joint review for the establishment of companies and investment projects in TEDA. TEDA Gov. 3.0 service design transitions top-down process of document approval into bottom-up happy journey of everyday citizens.

About Designer

YanTing Chen is an international award-winning designer based in New York and Taiwan. He specializes in Chinese paper-cutting, graphic design, motion graphics, product design, exhibition design and web design. His clients include Gucci, Timberland, Georg Jensen, Louis Vuitton, Samsung, Taipei 101, Logitech, SWAROVSKI, UCC, Farglory, Chunghwa Post, ITRI, TWD Expo 2011, Council for Cultural Affairs, National Taiwan Craft Center, Saint’s Alp and Era Communications Inc., etc.