The Mystery of Sharaku

CompanyVenue Inc.
Lead DesignerYasuhito Takeuchi
Client Tokyo Design Week
Prize(s)3rd Place in Print / Key Art
Entry Description

We exhibited in the special category "Inspire exhibition" of Tokyo Design Week(It is not a competition). The category that the selected people can exhibit, this theme was "Sharaku". Sharaku is a popular illustrator with many mysteries. Sharaku exaggerated the epidemic of the time and common sense, and boldly exaggerated the characteristics of the face of the Kabuki actor. So I also interpreted boldly. Making footpack Tabi socks, making picture frames like the Kabuki mirror stand, styling and make-up, Sharaku may have been a woman. I made up such a fashion story.


Design studio presided over by Yasuto Takeuchi. After working for company design room and design studio, established VENUE Inc. in 2004. As an art director and designer I handle a lot of branding etc of various genres. In recent years he has also worked on original products. We also exhibited at the Design Festival and in 2016 I exhibited at Tokyo Design Week "Inspired by SHARAKU Exhibition".

Awards and Prize

A' Design Award
DFA Design for Asia Awards
APA Award

Tokyo Design Week "Inspired by SHARAKU Exhibition"
Tokyo Design Week "Pro Exhibition"