King Goth

Lead DesignerGabi Chelsoi
Design TeamGabi Chelsoi
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

King Goth vintage style embodies the history, in a bold, adventurous way, concentrating its visuals on a numerous amount of details.

The project is creating a Gothic visual expression for the customers to discover step by step with their visual & tactile senses.

The design uses black and white accents on a vintage, textured paper with detailed embossed elements. The combination of textures gives a more complex depth to the whole composition.


CreativeByDefinition brand is the vision of its founder - packaging designer & retail architect with more than 8 years’ experience and a background in architecture and design, trained to look for an original perspective, making each brand stand out from the crowd.

Awards and Prize

Many awards achieved in international design and packaging competitions, namely in IDA, A Design Award Competiton, Mobius, Creativity Awards & Davey Awards.