Can Llimona

Lead DesignerBenjamin, Carlos, Jordi, Marcos & Jaime
Design TeamBenjamin Iborra Wicksteed,Carlos Dimas Carmona, Jordi Espinet Roma, Marcos Parera Blanch, Jaime Font Furest
Prize(s)1st Place in Interior Design
Entry Description

The project observes and studies the existing house from deep respect, understanding its three great formal singularities: the cottage house (with its large swastika walls); the modernist house (with its high ceilings and its large transverse spaces); and the intervention carried out in 1992 (which opens more common spaces, and links them with a base of 2.20m). The modern intervention (back to the modernist and rural origins of the imposing estate) accommodates the new needs of the tenant through a permeable longitudinal furniture that opens for the first time the transversality of the spaces.