High Court

CompanyColdefy & Associates, Sou Fujimoto
Lead DesignerColdefy & Associates, Sou Fujimoto
Design TeamColdefy & Associates, Sou Fujimoto
ClientAgence Publique Pour L’Immobilier De La Justice
CreditsPerspectives by Mir
Prize(s)1st Place in Other Architectural designs
Entry Description

The High Court of Lille is a project generated from the will of having a more accessible, more human system of justice ; one with transparent and simplified procedures. Therefor the cabinet rooms, main function of the program, translate the desire to place conciliation in the center of the judiciary procedure by encouraging mediation. This leading function forms the project�s genesis, in all its symbolic essence, as well as its functional and volumetric structure.
The High court of Lille is not just another building among others, but a true public space sheltered by a soothing roof.