Heidi and Friends (Cookingartphilosophypoetrybook)

CompanyOwadja & Gstrein Designs
Lead DesignerPiroska Szönye, Hannah Gstrein & Jonathan Owadja
CreditsPrinting house: Wolfau-Druck AG
Prize(s)1st Place in Print / Books
Entry Description

The fictional Swiss girl Heidi has been revived by artist Piroska Szönye and now, as a grown-up, her story is being continued. The result is an unique piece which gives you the impression of holding Heidi’s own handwritten recipe book in your hands. Each of the manufactured 4444 copies are unique. Several recipes containing cheese, butter, bread and meat are written onto food wrapping paper and numerous inlays attest to artisan skills. The book has been compiled not only digitally, but also by hand and with experimental methods (i.e pasta titles, stamps, stencils, Letraset etc.)