Domini Veneti wine label

Lead DesignerNiccolò Galimberti
ClientDomini Veneti
CreditsCopywriter: Juri Bonomi, Elisa Mucci
Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Packaging
Entry Description

A label for a bottle of Domini Veneti wine "Valpolicella Classico vigneti di Jago", a wine with an Italian history, narrated through the Greek tale of Ulysses. We would like to lead the customer through a similar journey, in a convivial manner. This label represents the stage on which the Odyssey is set. It is to be read from top to bottom, and every layer depicts a stage of Ulysses’ journey, from the Ciconians to his return home. The various layers are of depth proportional to the length of each adventure: short, medium and long.