Belcrum Strandkrant (Belcrum Beach Newspaper)

CompanyYurr studio
Lead DesignerYurr Rozenberg
Design TeamLuka Sparla, Rob van Berkel, Yurr Rozenberg
ClientBelcrum Beach
CreditsTim van den Burg, Leon Weterings, Miranda Dalhaus
Prize(s)1st Place in Other Graphic designs
Entry Description

Belcrum Beach is made by volunteers on a parking lot in the city. To celebrate their 5th year anniversary, a one time issue read has to be be made with lots of fun figures, stories about how it all began and the highlights of the past 5 years.
We did not want to make a thick chronologic reference book, but in stead a light read, with the stories bundled in themes. We chose the newspaper form to make it easy to consume and easy to make a fire with, which makes light and a great bonfire! The neon colour use emphasises and reflects the light.