Design TeamMaster Carver: Thanh Van Do, Master Cobbler: Son Tran
ClientWRONG (self label)
Prize(s)1st Place in Footwear / Clogs
Entry Description

The Reincarnated Soles Collection signifies a re-emergence of craft and the building of a new future for the wood artisans of Hue. The artistry that defined Imperial palaces and
Pagodas for their ornate, elegant and powerful wooden structures has been translated into a modern statement of art and fashion. Nurtured by the hands of history, each pair is cultivated over 22 days by multiple villagers. The wood is carved from locally grown trees and the full grain leatherwork is hand-made.


Fashion4Freedom offers a more ethically responsible & democratic option in fashion production consisting of small co-ops and artisan villages. In our 8th year, we’ve invested in over 70 communities who impacted over 40,000 people.  Together, we provide the industry with a new resource for making jewelry, accessories, furniture, garments, home goods, footwear…all in an open system where brands can collaborate with our artisans rather than dictate outcome.  We’re redefining each link in the supply chain so to make each participant more equitable and rewarded.

Awards and Prize

GSRD Foundation Awardee 2017-2020
Prince Claus Fund Awardee - 2016 TEDx Ho Chi Minh City Speaker - 2016 Design Colloquia Speaker - 2016
SME of the Year for Innovation & Ethics - 2014
70/100 Global Designers for Social Interest - 2012 GOOGLE IDEA Summit Speaker - 2012 Human Trafficking Symposium - 2012 Echoing Green Semi-Finalist -2012 Cordes Fellowship - 2012
SOCAP "Designing The Future" Scholarship TEDxSanJoanquin Speaker - 2011