Lead DesignerRyuichi Sasaki Rieko Okumura
Design TeamHidetaka Gonai/Modelia Co.,LTD.
ClientNobumitsu Ohashi/Shukou Kensetsu Co.,LTD.
CreditsPhoto:Takumi Ota Photography, Light: Lighting Sou
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

It transformed an office building into shared housing. 1st and 2nd floors as private zones, ground floor as a public zone and the 3rd as a rental space. Plan allows to access the rooms without passing through the public zone.Interior design employs basic geometric forms: 1st floor - circles, 2nd - squares. On the 1st floor, which is close to the ground, green is the key color, while on the 2nd, which is closer to the sky, it is blue. The ground-floor lounge is designed around a theme of lines. It hosts a kitchen, dining area, shower room and other spaces that serve as sites for interaction.


The International Design Awards (IDA) Awards 2016, GOLD Winner, Interior, Conceptual Category

Ryuichi Sasaki (Principal, SASAKI ARCHITECTURE)
1970 Born in Tokyo, Japan
1989-1994 Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA, Bachelor of Architecture
1994-1995 Columbia University, NYC, USA, Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design
1994-1995 Asymptote Architecture, NYC, USA
1996-2004 Kumesekkei Co.,Ltd, Tokyo, Japan
2001-Present Phiframe, Co-Principal
2004-Present SASAKI ARCHITECTURE, Principal
2014-Present S.A.A.O, Co-Principal

Rieko Okumura (Principal, Atelier O)
1977 Born in Osaka, Japan
2000 Tsuda College, Bachelor Degree
2009 Musashino Art University, Bachelor Degree
2014 Establish of Atelier O
2014-Present S.A.A.O, Co-Principal
Visiting Instructor for Musashino Art University