Co-Branded Credit Card by Guangzhou Bank and China Mobile

CompanyLeaping Creative
Lead DesignerLeaping Creative
Design TeamCeyu Chen, Jiawen Liang
ClientGuangzhou Bank
Prize(s)1st Place in Other Graphic Designs / Other Graphic designs
Entry Description

The credit cards are targeting the young generation with its privilege for mobile network users. Popular visual language of the digital age such as signal and hashtags are adopted to communicate with their target consumers. For the promotion material we use an overlay composition, putting printed materials against the mobile devices to make a visual and conceptual contrast. We want to share our critical thinking about tradition vs modern and on virtuality vs reality, hoping to touch the young generation as they are born and raised in the new era of communication revolution.


Leaping Creative is founded in 2009, it is a multi-disciplinary design team, which gathers outstanding designers from various fields including commercial research, brand visual identity design, communication, retail space experience design, interactive installation and material study.
We focus on retail brand experience design, with the believe that a good design should be both creative and problem solving, aiming to build unique images for each brand.