Beacon Platform

CompanyProduct Insight, Inc.
Lead DesignerJim Varney
Design TeamBryan Hotaling, Jim Ormond, Matt White, Chris Terella
ClientBerkeley Lights Inc.
Prize(s)2nd Place in Industrial And Life Science Design / Medical/Scientific Machinery
Entry Description

Berkeley Lights Inc. (BLI) has developed a platform that brings speed and precision to biological workflows. At the core of the Beacon platform is a combination of optics and nanofluidics called “optofluidics”. The platform’s core technology is Optical Electro-Positioning (OEP™), which uses white light to move and manipulate single cells in any culture media on a nanofluidic chip containing thousands of NanoPen™ structures, allowing for sensitive assays in a parallel fashion. This core technology allows for end-to-end, automated workflows across broad customer fields.