ACLU visual identity

Lead DesignerScott Stowell
Design TeamJason Jude Chan, Maxime Gau, Clay Grable, Cat Kirk, Nicholas Lim, Martha Kang McGill, Steven Merenda, Greta Skagerlind, Scott Stowell
ClientAmerican Civil Liberties Union
CreditsLogo by Tobias Frere-Jones
Prize(s)1st Place in Print
Entry Description

We developed a new visual identity for the American Civil Liberties Union. Their new palette (previously just blue) includes 14 colors for flexibility—as our ACLU Design Handbook says, “We are red, everything, and blue.” They use 2 type families: GT America for their “activist voice,” and Century, also used for Supreme Court briefs, for their “informational voice.” A distinctive image treatment nods to past and future by embracing history and technology. And a new logo (by Tobias Frere-Jones) presents their initials as a unified mark, symbolizing how much we can achieve when we come together.