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CompanyDaida Design Studio
Lead DesignersTsukasa Daida
Design TeamKeith Rodgers.Kousaku Ando.Kazushi Ohmori.Yusuke Sakuraya
Project LocationNiseko Hokkaido
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Nestled in the forest, the site is located 2 km west of Niseko town area, and you can see Shiribetsu River below your eyes, with Annupuri Ski Resort and Mt. Yotei in distance. The owner hoped to incorporate the landscape into the residence, and to have a modern design that made use of the texture of wood, steel, concrete and other materials. The layout of the building was elongated in order to capture the landscape of the Shiribetsu River and Mt. Yotei to the east. The eastern opening is an expansive 3.2 M in height that captures the majestic view.