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Stuck in Rewind: A Cameron Crowe film festival

UniversityAcademy of Art University
Lead DesignersHamda Al Naimi (Alnuaimi)
Prize(s)Gold in Print / Catalogs, Gold in Other Graphic Designs / Other Graphic designs
Entry Description

A film festival celebrating a director’s work. The director I chose was the music lover and Rolling Stone journalist Cameron Crowe. His movies are centered around a misfit who loses his course in life, but through a journey of self-discovery, the character finds a way to succeed. The visual system is inspired by music, journalism and road trips (handwritten notes, polaroids, light leaks and memorabilia).


I'm a graphic designer with a passion to positively contribute to our world through design. The desire for discovery and love for the arts pushed me to travel across the globe, all the way from Dubai to San Francisco.

I’ve been a visual thinker for as long as I can remember. As a child, whatever I couldn’t understand with words, I understood with shapes and drawings. I drew to simplify the complexities of learning in school.

Which greatly influenced my designs and became my design philosophy–to present the most tangled concepts in the simplest way possible.

Awards and Prize


—Communication Arts, Typography 2020 Award of Excellence

—PRINT Magazine, RDA 2019 Winner

—IDA, Gold in Print Design 2019

—IDA, Gold in Catalog Design 2019

—IDA, Gold in Graphic Design 2019

—Ijungle Awards, Packaging

—DNA Paris 2019

—London International Design


—Packaging Of The World

—Women in Graphic Design