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Shoebaloo store Amsterdam PC Hooftstraat new

CompanyMVSA Architects
Lead DesignersHarry van den Berg
Design TeamMVSA Architects: Harry van den Berg & Ana Carmen Gutiérrez Narvarte
ClientShoebaloo B.V.
Creditsphoto: ©Jeroen Musch
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The shoe store offers a unique customer experience. As only store on the ultrachic PC Hooftstraat with no shop window, it draws with eye-catching dark veins and unique green ‘eyes’ in a spectacular mirrored pattern of the three-coloured natural stone shopfront, passers-by inside, walking through a gateway to a golden experience.
Inside they notice, when moving around, the background changing, constantly throwing fresh focus onto the all-important product, on seemingly floating shelves. The walls change with every step they take, coruscating somewhere in the spectrum of light, dark and gold.