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The world rescue board game

CompanyPeople On Board
Lead DesignersFai Leung,Thomas Wong
Design TeamPOB Design Team
Project LocationHong Kong
ClientPeople on Board
CreditsAsia design prize award , K-design Grand prize
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
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Entry Description

In November, even while the northern hemisphere should have already entered the winter season,our summer clothes still fill our closets, raising concern for children their beloved Santa would not appear as winter may not arrive. Parents have been anxiously trying to explain about the'global warming'to their children,but children seem to be finding it difficult to grasp a clear understanding of the phenomenon.In this regard, we designed this board game entitled 'Earth Rescue', use ice and water constituents to let children feeling the similar scenario and the shocks of global warming get worse!


People On Board Social Enterprise (POB) was established in 2012. We cooperate with different organisations and corporations, designing and producing board games of local characteristics, reinvesting the profit back into the social enterprise. Achiving social purposes of creating jobs, promoting creativity, enhancing family relationships

Awards and Prize

Hong Kong Smart design award 2015,2017,2019
HKDA global design award 2019
Asia design prize award 2019
Korea K design Grand prize award 2019
EPDA 2019