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Jubako House

CompanyMeguro Architecture Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Lead DesignersMitsuru Hirai, Sayu Yamaguchi
Project LocationTokyo, Japan
CreditsKoichi Torimura and Taku Hata
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Jubako house; a house for 3 adults, is located in dense area of Tokyo. In order to create relaxing and private atmosphere, we applied concept of ‘stepped setback’ from bottom to top of the building. We set the house back from boundary. On 2F and 3F we set walls on the east side and controlled parapet height so wide opening can be made without curtain thus the residents can enjoy the nature. As a result, a recognizable shape like the building is blending into the sky derives benefit from the concept of series of ‘stepped setback’ that make this house becomes a landmark of this neighborhood.


‘Meguro Architecture Laboratory’ was established by Mitsuru Hirai and Sayu Yamaguchi in 2009. We have widely provided interdisciplinary design services ranging from large to small scales. To create better living culture, ‘how our design communicate to its surroundings’ is a key in our projects.