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Ding Ding-HK Tramways Board Game

CompanyPeople On Board
Lead DesignersFai Leung,Thomas Wong, Laine Tam
Design TeamPOB Design Team
Project LocationHong Kong
ClientPeople on Board
CreditsPhoto by Fai Leung
Prize(s)Silver in Toy Design / Board and card Game
Entry Description

HK tram is an icon of Hong Kong and one of the best,enjoyable ways to explore the metropolis.It moves at a relatively low speed, so travellers can experience time in the scene.Player will play as tourists and use the " Ding Ding Cards" travel around the northern to the southern section of Hong Kong Island. The fastest player to collect the "Fun Cards" will win the game. Through the "Fun Cards", players not only could obtain to know the geography of Northern and southern Hong Kong Island, but also would receive a a better apprehension of the tourist information and see along the tramways route.


People On Board Social Enterprise (POB) was established in 2012. We cooperate with different organisations and corporations, designing and producing board games of local characteristics, reinvesting the profit back into the social enterprise. Achiving social purposes of creating jobs, promoting creativity, enhancing family relationships

Awards and Prize

Hong Kong Smart design award 2015,2017,2019
HKDA global design award 2019
Asia design prize award 2019
Korea K design Grand prize award 2019
EPDA 2019