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MTR Board Game

CompanyPeople On Board
Lead DesignersThomas Wong,Joyce Hui,Stephanie Lee
Design TeamPOB Design Team
Project LocationHong Kong
Prize(s)Gold in Toy Design / Board and card Game, Gold in Toy Design / Educational Toy
Project LinkView
Entry Description

The MTR hopes to educate children through this special board game, encouraging them to develop a good sense of railway safety and courteous passenger behaviour for the young generation. Players have to move their train piece, turn the spinner and travel to different MTR station for mission. They will encounter different challenges, interact with other players and learn the good behaviour for taking MTR safety. The board game also apply the reading pen as the player use it to point out station, card or graphic, the reading pen will voice out the MTR original sound as like to stay in train.


People On Board Social Enterprise (POB) was established in 2012. We cooperate with different organisations and corporations, designing and producing board games of local characteristics, reinvesting the profit back into the social enterprise. Achiving social purposes of creating jobs, promoting creativity, enhancing family relationships

Awards and Prize

Hong Kong Smart design award 2015,2017,2019
HKDA global design award 2019
Asia design prize award 2019
Korea K design Grand prize award 2019
EPDA 2019