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Statue of Liberty Museum

CompanyESI Design
Lead DesignersEdwin Schlossberg
Design TeamE. Webster, A. Alfaro, P. Brown, S. Frankel, T. Kyle, C. Bevan Rojek, Y. Sunahara, M. Weisgerber, C. Deluga, N. Hubbard, L. Gunther, J. Grimm
Project LocationNew York, NY
ClientStatue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation and the National Parks Service
CreditsPhotos by: Keena, Christopher Vernale, ESTO
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
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Entry Description

At the new Statue of Liberty Museum, with experience and exhibit design by ESI Design, visitors have the opportunity to explore the history and grandeur of this colossal figure and consider the role of liberty in their world today. Throughout the museum artifacts, media, and interactive experiences are integrated in new and unexpected ways to tell the important cultural story of Liberty and bring the Statue’s history to life in a way that’s meaningful for all, regardless of age, culture, language, and ability.