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Shkrub House

CompanySergey Makhno Architects
Lead DesignersSergey Makhno
Design TeamOleksandr Makhno, Olha Sobchyshyna, Serhii Filonchuk, Maryna Hrechko
ClientSergey Makhno
CreditsSerhii Kadulin
Prize(s)Gold in Interior Design / Residential
Project LinkView
Entry Description


Shkrub house is a place where the main thing is not the color of the floor, but the kids' noise. Shkrub is a thatched house for Sergey Makhno's family built in the contemporary Ukrainian style under the influence of the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi that finds beauty and harmony in imperfections.

The house, like a construction set, is made of Sergey Makhno's favorite materials: linen, wood, clay, metal — the best things nature has given us.


Sergey Makhno Architects is a workshop of modern Ukrainian design and architecture that works in three fields: architecture, interior design, and product design.

Meter by meter we create new worlds. With trees growing in a living room and lamps in the size of a man. Where the bathroom can be in a glass box and tiles repeat the form of a bird. We think that things have to amaze. We create art pleasant not only to look at but also to live in.

Awards and Prize

The International Property Awards, winner
Red Dot Design Award, winner
The Architecture MasterPrize, winner
SBID, finalist