BBC Pinball

Lead Designer
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Prize(s)1st Place in Multimedia / Website Design
Entry Description

BBC Scotland briefed mN to create a series of creativity tools that would inspire the exploration of new ideas and unlock the process of creative thinking.

The BBC hoped that in addition to being used internally by its team to generate ideas for new content, it will be used in a variety of ways by differing audiences including teachers, parents, artists, families and businesses of all sizes to generate brilliant and bright ideas.

There are already free brainstorming tools available on the web. But none are as complete, fun and sophisticated as Pinball

BBC Pinball is a multi dimensional tool with no need for instructions. People make their own mind up on how best to use the tools and it has the ability to be expanded upon in the future.

With Pinball, the BBC has the ability to reach a large audience and give them flexible tools to help them to think creatively