Lead Designer
Prize(s)2nd Place in Media And Home Electronics / TV, Video and Audio Equipment
Entry Description

The Jawbone JAMBOX is break-through Bluetooth speaker, a compact, chic, and tech-savvy product that is the ultimate embodiment of the Jawbone brand. Just as the Jawbone ICON did for the Bluetooth headset industry, the JAMBOX is revolutionizing Bluetooth audio speakers by allowing users to express themselves and their lifestyle through choices in compact technology.
The JAMBOX was designed along the mantra of “more jam, less box”; nowhere is this more obvious than in the materials and engineering. We kept things simple, while still packing in tremendous functionality. The outer-shell is two materials, rubber and metal. The external metal grill wraps around four sides, to cut down on the amount of moving parts and pieces. This grill is sandwiched by top and bottom flexible rubber pieces, making the box extra durable.
One of the biggest technical achievements was the creation of the wrap-around textured metal grill. Unlike traditional speakers, which have only one side covered in a grill coating due to the difficulty bending or shaping metal material, JAMBOX has all four sides covered with “speaker”, resulting in premium sound quality. This also creates a surface to brand and differentiate our product with iconic textures applied continuously across every surface.
The JAMBOX pushes boundaries through design, using different colors and grill finishes to augment the user’s JAMBOX experience. Inspired by patterns associated with sound, such as dots for acoustic tiles and waves for music, the iconic textures are fun and expressive. Whether you want to match your home office or the color of your favorite bathing suit, the JAMBOX works to allow users to communicate themselves through their speakers.

Not only is the aesthetic design of the JAMBOX multi-faceted, but the product is multi-functional. Like other Jawbone products, the JAMBOX works to connect your technologies into one simplified experience. Using Bluetooth, the speaker can connect to your computer and your Smartphone, allowing for uninterrupted transition between the two. There is a microphone behind the front grill to allow JAMBOX to be used as a speakerphone or conference call unit. It also has an audio jack that allows connection to devices that are not Bluetooth compatible.

The JAMBOX is charged either by USB cord or AC adapter, the same as your other Jawbone products. The convenience of one cord for your Bluetooth headset and speaker is just another way Jawbone is simplifying technology to fit your lifestyle.
The Jawbone brand has come to stand for advanced technology and performance in paradigm-defining products that are beautifully designed. The JAMBOX is no different. Its use of signature textures and finishes, its sophisticated appeal, and the same simple user interaction found in products like the Icon, come together for a uniquely Jawbone experience. The combination of technology, small wireless sound, and style, four distinctly chic colors and textures, make JAMBOX a one-of-a-kind product.