Lead Designer
Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Renovation
Entry Description

This project is to enhance the commercial value of this small 15-storey old office building on Nathan Road in Hong Kong, and to turn it into a “Ginza-type” building (with cafes and bars stacked vertically on the floors above) by renovating its lobby and by adding new signage at the entrance. The lobby runs in from the street through a long narrow corridor space of over 15 meters long and over 4 meters high before reaching the lifts. The building is renamed “THE WAVE” and our design is to create 100 different curved ribs running from end to end of the corridor painted in white to create a “wave” as one walks through this long linear space. LED lights of changing colors washes over these ribs to give an everchanging ambience to the space.

As there are not that many new buildings going up in Hong Kong since 1997, more and more old buildings are renovated instead. This project is unique in the sense that it rejuvenates this old office building by first changing its name to “THE WAVE” and recreates its lobby according to the name. The result is that the landlord is able to rent the units upstairs out at a better price to cafes or bars instead of offices.