Jawbone ERA

Lead Designer
Prize(s)2nd Place in Media And Home Electronics / Phone and Other Communications Technology
Entry Description

Era is the latest release from Jawbone, and is the world’s first Bluetooth wireless headset to employ motion-controls, offering an exciting new level of interactivity. Adding sensors like an accelerometer allow this headset to sense how it is moving in 3D space and understand how the user is interacting with it, triggering functions without the need for a physical button. Shake Era four times and it is ready to pair with your mobile device, tap it twice to answer or end a call. Bringing this technology into the headset in a meaningful way makes this product stand out amongst its peers.
Jawbone always works to fuse compact technology and fashionable lifestyle, and the Era is the ultimate embodiment of this idea. The Era headset has many levels of visual depth, echoing the complex technology within. It has a ‘layered’ shield that incorporates a metal grill, revealing a depth beyond the initial pattern. The geometric surfaces and material layering are incredibly detailed and just as the technology sets the headset apart, the unprecedented intricacy of the tooling elevates the product further.
Era has a newly designed body to compliment the updated shield aesthetic. The multi-faceted aesthetic speaks to its sophisticated, technological underpinnings. The details communicated on the outside of the headset directly relate to the technology on the inside; all wrapped in a clean presentation that is worthy of bearing the Jawbone brand.
Hardware without a dynamic software platform is obsolete before it hits the shelves, driving constant ‘buyer’s remorse’. Contrary to popular belief, Jawbone is actually a software publisher, supported by a hardware platform. The Jawbone Era works with the MyTalk software platform, to maximize the use of its new technologies– offering firmware updates and downloadable apps to customize and improve on its already unique experience. This allows their products to improve over time– which inspires confidence and continual satisfaction with the product.
Era is also built on the latest noise-cancelling technology that Jawbone is famous for. This flagship headset builds on the success of the ICON product line, while also offering superior audio quality, improved battery life, and a stunning new design.