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Prize(s)2nd Place in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

Our company provides to the compitition realized design project of interiors for the office of the Eurasian Patent Organization in Russia in Moscow.
Office of this company is located on two floors of historical building of the Art Nouveau style, which was built in 1909-1911 by famous russian architector Shehtel.
In 2010 to the 100 anniversary of the building was done complete reconstruction of this building and our company was invited to make the design project of the office for one of the companies located in this building.
Total area of this office 1900 square meters.
The main conditions on the design were:
to display the architectural style of the facade in the interior and to create comfortable conditions for a number of office employers, starting from the clerks to the leadership of the company.
So we built our interior on some principles of the Art Nouveau style, which may well correspond to the principles of construction of modern office:
• the main principles of work is improvisation
• colour solution is rich and colourful
• the combination of unusual materials and techniques - timber, mosaic, ceramic tile, bronze. porcelain, stained glass
• and two main guidelines in furniture in parallel: the soft rounded shapes and lines and straight-forward, clear srtucture