Brand Identity & Interior Design of a Private Members Club – CHINA ROUGE

Lead Designer
Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Conceptual
Entry Description

CHINA ROUGE is an exclusive, members-only performance lounge located at Galaxy Macau. The 1,600-sqm space includes numerous reception areas, a bar and lounge, a showroom and a mezzanine viewing area. It blends elements of the classic and modern, East and West, paying tribute to the 5,000-year history of Chinese culture and arts in a unique manner.

CHINA ROUGE draws inspiration from Parisian cabarets of the 1880s, decadent Shanghai of the 1930s, and the Art Deco movement for a venue of intriguing contrasts and lush décor.

Divided primarily into the tranquil bar and lounge and the energetic showroom with VIP areas, the space features an extensive collection of commissioned artworks by well-known contemporary Chinese artists including Buhua, Chen Men, Deng Xinli, Ling Jian and Zheng Lu. It also houses many custom-made artifacts, several of which were designed by Alan Chan. These works capture impressions of beauty and sensuality – much of which is rooted in Chinese literature including the Red Chamber, Plum in the Golden Vase, Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West – and are executed with traditional craftsmanship and materials like jade, bronze and lacquer. All these artworks and artifacts, often centering on femininity as the theme, are juxtaposed to create a strong contrast and conflict, bringing decadent visual impacts and sensual ambiance.

CHINA ROUGE not only redefines the standard of Asian high-end entertainment in Macau and possibly the world, but also begins a new chapter in Chinese Art Deco history.

Much of the design draws references from the Art Deco style of 1930s Shanghai. Through a contemporary recreation of the era, the sophistication, beauty and allure of the “Paris of the East” were brought back in this very exclusive and unique venue. At the same time, CHINA ROUGE features an extensive collection of specially commissioned artworks.