Synrgy 360

Lead Designer
Prize(s)3rd Place in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Exercise Equipment
Entry Description


Synrgy360™, a new system for dynamic training in commercial gyms, is like no other product combining many total-body exercises into a cohesive, flexible system. This product gives users fun, and almost limitless ways to exercise by helping personal trainers more effectively train individuals or groups. It creates a training focal point through accessories, flooring and training materials together in one complete solution.


Synrgy360™ provides a unique blend of integrated exercise modalities including eight of the top 20 trends highlighted in the 2012 annual American College of Sports Medicine survey of fitness trends, including functional fitness, strength training, exercise for weight loss, personal and group training, core training, boxing, boot camp, cable motion training, reaction training and sport-specific training. Each space provides a very different exercise experience.


Customers can begin with the five popular preconfigured packages, or custom design hundreds of different configurations online, to meet many training and exercise needs. Gym-specific colors and branded panels are also available.


The design provides numerous auxiliary attachment points and affordances for more effective training with a wide range of accessories including bands, kettle bells, battle ropes, TRX® Rip™ and suspension Trainers.


All product configurations include built-in accessory storage to keep facilities organized and maximize space. Each space is designed with appropriate storage for specific gear allowing trainers and users to focus on workouts rather than finding the right accessory.


This high-performance flooring is marked to provide visual cues for personal trainers and their clients, guiding them through their workouts.


Synrgy360x covers a minimal live training area from 720 to 802 sq. feet and accommodates up to 16 people at one time. The Smallest space restrictions can be accommodated by the 360s or 360t systems, the ideal size for an out-dated racquetball court.