SodaStream SOURCE

Lead Designer
Prize(s)1st Place in Home Interior Products / Kitchen Appliances
Entry Description

The SodaStream Source brings high quality and refinement to the world of home soda making. Source’s sleek, monolithic shape creates a visual clarity that reflects the simplicity and accessibility of the technology within. Just as the carbonating process takes raw tap water and creates a refined beverage, the design echoes the transformative nature of the machine. The outer facing sides and back of the product are clean and simple, while the front of Source is dynamic. The concave portion that houses the bottle has a myriad of water droplets that create a complex texture on the surface.

Source’s interface is distilled down to one step; instead of having to screw the bottle in manually, a single-handed push locks it in place, ensuring safety and security with each round of carbonation. Back-lit LEDs on the front surface indicate the level of carbonation as it is happening, giving consumers control and choice in their experience. The Source requires no electricity, and each gas cylinder can power 60 liters of carbonated drinks, the equivalent of 180 aluminum cans or 30 large plastic PET bottles.

Source also provides unprecedented choice in materials and quality. With 5 color and material options, the consumer can choose which would best fit within their décor and lifestyle. The quality of materials truly elevates the Source above the market standard and sets the bar high for technical innovation in the industry.

The SodaStream Source allows consumers to make a sustainable choice about carbonated beverages without sacrificing the quality of the experience. As an "Active Green" product, consumers reduce their CO2 footprint every time they make soda or sparkling water at home.

The SodaStream Source is the perfect kitchen accessory for anyone; beautiful and sustainable, Source makes it easier than ever to make plastic bottles a thing of the past!