Bronze Shaker Table

Lead DesignerJeff Martin Joinery
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Prize(s)1st Place in Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture
Entry Description

Marrying the Lost Wax casting process, rooted in nearly 6000 years of history, with current innovations in technology to re-imagine an historically compelling design from the 1750s. Aesthetically distilled to its purest and most striking elements, the Bronze Shaker Table utilizes a cast base with mortise and tenon joinery. Subtle radius’ offer strength without clouding the refined proportions of the base.

Zero Profile table leaf extension option designed out of high carbon steel by Matthew Maté Lighting.

Utilizing scraps, offcuts, bronze engineer’s rings and smaller piece of wood to build our “patchwork” pieces allows the studio to access less desirable wood for these projects, as flaws are buried below the visually rhythmic patches. The studio draws each slab into a computer program, as a canvas, which allows the team to compose a finished piece as a drawing. All details executed flawlessly by CNC and chiseled and honed into place by hand.



Jeff Martin Joinery is a design studio and manufacturing facility run by lead designer Jeff Martin.

We strive to create world class furniture at studio level, batch production numbers. Working closely with our lumber suppliers, metal shops and bronze foundry, the team at Jeff Martin Joinery produces contemporary furniture for an international clientele. Using premium grade responsibly harvested domestic lumber, we take great pride in creating well designed, engineered, and executed pieces of a single authorship. Formally trained under a celebrated designer in Brooklyn, New York, the canon of work at Jeff Martin Joinery has become an integral thread in the architectural fabric of the Pacific Northwest.