Nu Skin Pharmanex Biophotonic S3 Scanner

CompanyCarbon Design Group
Lead DesignerPeter Bristol
ClientCarbon Design
Prize(s)2nd Place in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
Entry Description

The Nu Skin S3 Scanner non-invasively measures
carotenoids levels in the skin, providing an immediate
indication of a person’s overall antioxidant levels. The
patented product shines a precisely calibrated blue light
onto the consumer’s palm. Carotenoids in the skin reflect
back green light which is measured and converted into a
Skin Carotenoid Score. The S3 Scanner empowers
individuals to track improvements as they make changes
to their diet and lifestyle.

The goal for the new scanner was to deliver a better user
experience with a battery-powered device that would be
smaller, faster, and have integrated iOS wireless
capability. Working from the inside out, designers and
engineers explored the fundamental architecture of the
scanner in order to create the smallest, most
ergonomically sound solution.

In the final design, a sculpted metal surface guides hand
placement and establishes it as the main point of
interaction. The angled display (not present in the
previous version) communicates that the device is
working during the silent, 30 second scan, while the
angled screen naturally enables shared viewing and a
better connection between operator and consumer.

Designers and engineers worked in a constant,
collaborative push and pull to deliver on the vision.
Continuing through transfer to manufacturing, processes,
techniques, and orders of operation were optimized. This
makes assembly easier and more efficient and also
achieves a better end result.

At less than one-third the weight of its predecessor, the
S3’s smaller size and battery power enables true mobility,
with the entire system, including the iPad Mini, housed
within a custom-designed bag. The result is a simple, well-
connected system and experience.