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Prize(s)1st Place in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
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Span is our vision for the modern timepiece, an elegant amalgam of analog and digital elements. Tasteful and intuitive, Span provides only the most crucial alerts and notifications on its curved OLED display—the watch is intended to be used in tandem with a smartphone, not act as its replacement. Made of polished stainless steel and sleek black ceramic, Span's interface is navigated with a jog dial on the bezel. Span's jump movement timekeeping operates on a quartz battery; the digital display can be recharged with a micro-USB charging port concealed in the back of the watch.


Box Clever is a design studio founded by Bret Recor and Seth Murray with the mission to create purposeful, expressive designs that embody big ideas and challenge convention.

The studio's name is a reference from the boxing world where the strongest competitors rely as much on their wits as their brawn. As a studio we take a similar approach, identifying and maximizing opportunities, responding to any challenges that arise with agility, and pulling no punches when it comes to execution.

Box Clever is made up of a team of award-winning designers and thinkers all driven to create the best - the most elegant, meaningful, functional - products, brands, and experiences possible. With varied education, professional experience, and personal backgrounds we share a passion for the complex process and magic of making things.