Halfdome Bike Helmet

Lead DesignerDan Harden
Prize(s)1st Place in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Sports/Toys/Games
Entry Description

“Halfdome” is an all-purpose bike helmet that folds in half so you can stuff it in a backpack. Two latches on the side of the helmet allow you to detach the top dome, turn it upside down, and drop it into the bottom ring. This reduces the helmet size by half in a matter of seconds. This is a true innovation because the instant volume reduction means that users can simply stuff it in a backpack, purse, or locker when not in use. It's no longer left on your bike to be rained on or stolen. The folded helmets are also stackable which allows a family of bikers to store and transport their helmets in a tiny space. The best part about Halfdome's design is that its practicality and convenience encourages more consistent helmet use (the big goal!).

Halfdome has a very innovative mechanical joint between the top dome and the bottom ring. The top dome and bottom ring both have a matching 45 degree edge which allow the dome to nest perfectly into the bottom ring. Two strong latches on both sides of the helmet lock the two halves together. The interlocking system combined with the two latches, provides a strong and reliable joint between the top dome and bottom ring, which is essential for the safety of the helmet. They are designed to withstand direct impacts from any angle including front, side, top and back. Once locked, it is secure. The latches are intuitive to use and obvious to notice if not completely latched.

In addition to the convenient size reduction feature, it was also important that Halfdome looks cool in order to encourage use, especially for kids. The two halves plus the latches offer all kinds of fun color and finish combinations.


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