Atmospheric Ion Propulsion

Lead DesignerTristram W Metcalfe lll
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Transportation / Aircraft/Aerospace
Entry Description

Charged Motion Incorporated has been developing a technology that others have investigated for over 100 years called "ion propulsion". It has found limited success in the vacuum of space,
but in the atmosphere there is what we call the "brick wall" that every investigator has run into causing them to abandon further efforts. They all quit before realizing there is a way around the barrier which we at Charged Motion have discovered and patented.

It is impossible in these few words to discuss what this technology will mean to everyone but you can explore this technology in more depth on our website,, that is opening in early May 2014.

One measure of the level a civilization has reached is the average distance each individual could travel in a day. Walking - 1/2 mile a day, by horse - 5 miles/day, by steam engine - 50 miles/day, and by automobile - 500 miles/day. Our technology holds the promise to take us to the next level of civilization with – 5000 miles a day on average potential.

All of the other methods of transportation have come at great cost in terms of safety and impact on the environment. Our technology will undo almost all the harm done by earlier methods of transportation. This is not fantasy nor Science Fiction but is real and is within our grasp today.

The ten images we have selected from our website barely scratch the surface of what ion propulsion in the atmosphere will mean to civilization. Elimination of most all traffic related fatalities, saving the lives of millions of people and animals a year with none of the environmental damage of today’s transportation methods and all at one tenth the cost. Since transportation has one of its greatest influences on civilization these designs are only the beginning


Tristram Walker Metcalfe lll

I began by building transportation models yet I choose Architecture over Aeronautical Engineering & Industrial Design. I am attracted to the creative visual potentials in Architectural Design of human built environments. After graduating at S.U. I was invited to teach 2nd year Architectural Design but after one year I choose to practice in my profession.
My two partnerships, ended with the decade pattern of real estate recessions and now I practice with Associates in the recent 24 years & 2 more recessions.

My focus in Architecture has followed the greatest demand in renovations with great interest in the historic values of the environment. I aspire to excel also in Modern Architectural Design yet limited public awareness of its values has lowered demand for it in our country. This follows media’s lack of dialogue feeding low awareness and demand.

I have been inventing due to the inspiration of problem solving design solutions for important human needs that are unsolved. I have several patents and I intend to bring forward some concepts that I open sourced decades ago such as; Deaf Voiced Communication with Phonetic Text Display and Silent Music Recognition, a Blind Visualization Network with Virtual Guide Glove and Wearable Video 2way Communication. I have proprietary concepts in virtual image head mounted displays and a hybrid aircraft using passive & active lift for a best case maximum safety. From this concept grew a thrust technology discovered by my corporate partner. It shows immense promise for civilization by our company Charged Motion Incorporated.

Born: Queens, NY 1943, Graduated: Syracuse University School of Architecture, Graduate Teaching assistantship, Taught 2nd year design SU School of Architecture. Architectural registrations; New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and National Council of Architectural Registration Board Certification. Metcalfe Associates Architecture 1989, Charged Motion Incorporated 2003.