One-piece Phone holder

CompanyCreative Secondary School
ClientCamman Chan
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

TARGET CONSUMER (major constraint) Teenagers (Since my customer don’t have no ability the earn money, the lower the price, the more they will be willing to buy the product. The product should be highly durable. ) DESIGN PROBLEM Hong Kong is a small city with a huge population, people usually have small house and small rooms. Teenager usually have a limited amount of space to do their work, to maximise the use of space, a mobile phone holder can help. Due to the limited amount of space we have on desk, We teenagers often lose sight of our phone, we kept losing our phone beneath the huge amount of things on our desk. And also, technology is getting more and more advance, movies and comic can be found in a smart phone. In general, teenager tend to use their phone to watch movies and read comics. So a phone holder can be helpful to hold their electronic devices while enjoying.