Landscape of Line

DesignerLien-Wu Chen
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Entry Description

This apartment is not big yet claims an ample view. The clients' demand was a simple living space, two bedrooms and a living space big enough to accommodate every social gathering. The challenge of the design was to give the space an intimate comfort full of energy. An L-shaped floor to ceiling window that accepts the natural view dominates the main living quarter. The space now appears as if there hangs a long scroll landscape painting where nature has placed a beautiful mountain and river in front of living space. Entering from the lobby and moving towards the living space, one confronts a mirror reflecting landscape of the river.The corner mounted ingenious layout of a mirror provides an illusion. It is like a window penetrating into the woods as if it was totally surrounded by trees and an endless patch of greenery. The ceiling has an undulating profile as it projects the reversed ground topography. the existing beams and columns seem to be confused with little order. We tried to re-configure the ceiling into a new form, which pays respect to the surrounding outdoor landscape while hiding the internal disoriented structural elements. There is a sharp contrast between the ceiling pattern and partition wall. The wood ceiling pattern flows down and gradually disappears until it make a direct confrontation with the marble floor. The change is subtle and gentle. Before the wood material changes from ceiling to marble floor different wood materials were used and the texture changes from silky to fine and from fine to a striped pattern until the wood make a sharp change to marble. The mixture of furniture style is confused yet stimulates an energetic dialogue of spatial interest.

About Designer

Focus on residences deeply needs and favorite. Comprehensive understanding space environments and conditions. Pursue the best dialog results from the interaction between people and space. Base on above to create and design the best living and life space.