Guangzhou Circle

CompanyAM project, Milan
ClientJoseph Pasquale
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The Guangzhou Circle acts as a kind of “urban logo” that serves as a landmark, in the same way those ideograms are used in Chinese writing, instead of an alphabet. As such, it may seem indecipherable to those conditioned by Western skyscraper typologies. The “Bi” disc is one of China’s most enduring symbols, with a story going back 5,000 years. Here, set alongside the Zhujiang River, the reflection of the disc-shaped structure forms a figure “8” in the water, also an enduring symbol of good fortune. The Circle plays a strong role in the landscape. It is the south gate of Guangzhou, and by extension, for all of China, as the city is a terminus for ferry boats and high-speed rail. While much of industrial China is characterized by anonymity and repetition, here a kind of “cultural sustainability” is at work. People can recognize in this arresting form the essence of their territory, their traditions, and yet glimpse the future. Completion Date: December 2013 Height: 138 m (453 ft) Stories: 33 Area: 83,000 sq m (893,405 sq ft) Use: Office