Commercial Area & VIP Lounge

Designersanzpont [arquitectura]
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The goal with this project is to join the new trend in green design Airports in the world, being the first of its kind in Mexico. The project’s main objective is not only to incorporate shops and services within the terminal but also to make the passenger go through an experience during his instance at the Airport Mall creating a whole Image and Brand identity as part of a business and commercial strategy full of differentiating value and uniqueness. The design of the Food Court Area was inspired by a Picnic concept surrounded by natural vegetation, the chairs and tables are set on an artificial grass floor, achieving an outdoor environment of relaxation and comfort for passengers. The totality of the commercial area space is lit by natural sunlight thanks to a monumental glass façade facing the runway. The interior space is designed as if it were an outside commercial corridor, trying to create a futuristic urban experience for the passengers by providing enjoyable spaces and consequently a pleasant stay while waiting for their flight. The formal concept is based in aerodynamic design using curved lines that reflect vanguardism and a morphological integration with aeronautical design. Vending spaces are contained by enveloping curves made of white Aluminium Compound Panels. The VIP Waiting Room was designed with an organic and vanguardist cell design concept in mind. The façade is made using a Voronoi type porous skin, which allows privacy in the room without blocking the view to the exterior. The architectural team designed this complex façade by using experimental parametric digital techniques, which solved the 3D formal and structural model of all the support system and its white Aluminum Compound Panel cover, so by these means, all the different and unique pieces are extracted and assembled just like a puzzle.