Aria Duplex

CompanyFusion Design Ltd
ClientVicky Chan
DesignerMr. Andrew Tam
Entry Description

Kowloon Peak has been one of Hong Kong's most coveted dwelling places; one of those extraordinary locations commanding impressive views of Victoria Harbour - exclusive havens solely within reach of Hong Kong's affluent elites. With its distinctive location on Kowloon Peak, the Aria Duplex is a residence of gracious elegance in a location of stature and privilege, and provides an enchanting one-of-a- kind lifestyle experience that is prestigious, noble and exclusive. The interiors of the Aria Duplex combine the elegance and comfort of luxury living with a stylish design. The spacious, modern and light-filled designs make everyday tasks a joy and the privileges of living at such an exceptional level is magnified by the full height windows that offer a 360- degree panoramic view of the scenic Victoria Harbour. Meticulous attention has been paid to every interior detail, with each fitting and fixture of the finest obtainment. The 2.7 meters high Preciosa crystal pendent lighting suspended from the ceiling cascades down to the living room, creating an immaculate grand entrance way and makes the experience of arrival an exquisite one. Every finish chosen was scrutinized and executed with consummate skill and artistry as seen in the beautiful marble floors that seamlessly take visitors from one breathtaking room to the next. Neutral and warm color tones reflect the beauty of nature while rare marbles, delicate fabrics, reflective surfaces and fantastic finishes create an elegant and comfortable home that speaks to the inspirational journey of the homeowner seeking the finer things in life.