Bamboo Identity Rebranding

Lead DesignerChingo Wu
Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Corporate Identity
Entry Description

To be more competitive, Yungting Ltd. needs to change former design strategies for a better marketing communication and brand integration. Our team works on identity, brand positioning, image construction, CIS, and branding identity for Yungting Ltd. These design strategies help Yungting Ltd. build product images, increase brand value, improve product competitiveness, and manage efficiently with CIS.


This is a graphic design project based on Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taoyuan City commission to promote Matsu Art Village. Another design project based on Yunting Ltd.

These design project participants include:creative director: professor Taopen Chang (Taopen Chang-Doing Good Design Studio, Chung Yuan Christian University), graphic designer:Hsueh-Chi Fu / Jie Tsai / Chiao-Hsuan Liang