Air Guard

DesignerTongling Yuan, Yiteng Shih, Nan Wang, Mengying Jiang, Shendong Li
Prize2nd Place in Industrial And Life Science Design / Safety Designs
Entry Description

The poor air quality in China is becoming increasingly serious since 2014, however, people still need to open the windows for fresh air, as a result of increasing PM2.5 air pollution, opening windows at the time that air is poor will cause at least 10 times more damage to human’s lung than the situation that window is closed, the problems is sometimes people are working or studying rather than pay attention to air condition, and when the air quality dropped, the windows will still be leaved opened, so they may affected by the bad air unconsciously. Air Guard is a PM2.5 detector which can be attach to the window, using different colour and level showing air quality, when the air quality is less desirable, Air Guard will start to play a noise to remind people closing the windows, and when the window is shut, the noise will automatically stop. By using this small and convenient product, the damage to people especially the ones from the areas that PM2.5 pollution is heavy can be reduced to as less as possible.

About Designer

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