Curve Measure

Prize2nd Place in Office Equipment / Productivity Tools/Presentations
Entry Description

There is a situation when people want to measure the length of the curve but do not want to use some complicated tools or calculations. Curve Measure could solve this problem. Curve Measure is a simple tool to measure the length of the curve. It applies the principle of wheel mouse, which measures the route of the ball, to measure the length of the curve. What do users need to do is that stretching the hemispheric part of the tool and pressing the ball onto the curve. When the ball rotates along the curve, there will be some figures displaying on the screen. If users have some mistakes during measuring, the only thing they need to do is that press the blue bar on the body, which is the reset button. Because the button is flat, it could make the tool place on the table steadily, which is more convenient for users to record the result.

About Designer

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