OBSIDIA - Men's Grooming Gift Set

DesignerRong Yan, Shijia Gu, Simin Li, ChenChen Hu
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Obsidian, a men’s luxury grooming product line will launch a gift set at high-end department stores to attract the eye of beauty bloggers and editors. The retail package can be easily and reversibly be transformed into a countertop display presenting its products and their information. Based on surveys, male consumers cite product information is a major factor in driving their purchasing decisions. This novel form of information display helps people better understand the function of its products and creates lasting impression that sets it apart from competing brands. The inspiration for the design comes from the volcanic extrusive igneous rock obsidian. The volcano and the raw stone harmonize to reflect the inner strength of man. The unique feature of the package is the diamond shape and the transformative structure, which can be changed from a package for purchasing into a display in a retail scenario with presenting all the products and product information. This feature also provides a surprising, memorable and using experience for users to better understand the function of this gift set.